Precautions for injection molding of dual color molds

The process of dual color mold injection molding is a very strict one. To produce good molds, it is necessary to strictly control the injection molding process of the molds. Especially, it is necessary to have an understanding of the precautions for injection molding of dual color molds, in order to better avoid unnecessary problems during the injection molding process of dual color molds. So what should be paid attention to when making dual color mold injection molding? Today, the editor will share with you:

Precautions for injection molding production of dual color molds:


一、 When choosing a mold, do not only consider the price of the product, but also analyze and consider various aspects such as quality, cycle time, and service:

1. There are many types of dual color molds in the market, and when selecting them, different types of molds should be selected based on different requirements such as part material, dimensional accuracy, surface finish, physical and chemical properties, mechanical strength, and service life.

2. High precision dual color molds require the use of high-precision CNC machine tools for processing, and there are strict requirements for mold materials and forming processes. CAD/CAE/CAM mold technology is also needed for design and analysis.

3. Generally, for large stamping molds, it is necessary to consider whether the machine tool has an edge pressing mechanism, even edge lubricants, and multifunctional progressive mechanisms. In addition to stamping tonnage, consideration should also be given to punching times, feeding devices, machine tools, and mold protection devices.

4. Some parts have special requirements during molding, so the mold also needs to use Hot runner and gas assisted molding. Manufacturers should have CNC, electric spark, wire cutting machine tools and CNC profiling milling equipment, high-precision grinding machines, high-precision three coordinate measuring instruments, computer design and related software, etc.


二、 Some users often focus only on product development and development in the early stages of product development or trial production of new products, neglecting some communication with the dual color mold production unit. This is not correct, everyone should pay more attention. After the initial determination of the product design plan, contacting the mold manufacturer in advance has two benefits:

1. It can ensure that the designed product has good forming process and will not modify the finalized design due to the difficulty of processing the parts.

2. The manufacturer of the dual color mold can make design preparations in advance to prevent hasty and thoughtless considerations from affecting the construction period. In short, producing high-quality molds requires close cooperation between the supply and demand sides in order to reduce costs and shorten the cycle.


The above are some precautions for injection molding of dual color molds. I hope they can be helpful for everyone when conducting injection molding of dual color molds.

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