How to maintain the mold?

1. During the use of the mold, the punch is prone to breakage, bending, and gnawing, and the punch sleeve is generally gnawed. The damage to the punch and punch sleeve is usually replaced with parts of the same specification. The parameters of the punch mainly include the size of the working part, the size of the installation part, and the length size.


2. Elastic parts such as springs are prone to damage during use, often resulting in fracture and deformation. The method adopted is to replace. During the replacement process, it is necessary to pay attention to the specifications and models of the spring. The specifications and models of the spring are confirmed through three items: color, outer diameter, and length. Only when all three items are the same can they be replaced. The best quality for springs is imported.


3. Material issues and improper selection of the main working parts of the mold. Poor material performance and lack of wear resistance; The mold steel has not been refined and has a large number of smelting defects; The forging process for convex and concave molds and forging blanks is not perfect, and there are residual heat treatment hazards.


4. Pressure parts such as pressure plates, Uni glue, etc., unloading parts such as strippers, pneumatic top materials, etc. During maintenance, check the relationship and damage of various parts of the accessories, repair the damaged parts, and inspect the pneumatic top material for any air leakage. Take measures for specific situations. Replace if the air duct is damaged. We need to focus on tracking and testing several important components of the mold


5. Tighten the parts and check if they are loose or damaged. The method used is to replace them with parts of the same specification.


How to maintain the mold? In addition to the above, after long-term use of the mold, the cutting edge must be ground, and the surface of the grinding edge must be demagnetized without magnetism, otherwise it is prone to material blockage.

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