How to change raw materials for two-color Injection mold construction

At present, dual color molds are becoming increasingly popular in the market. This process can make the appearance of products more beautiful and easy to change colors without spraying. Dual color molds refer to molds where two plastic materials are injected into the same injection molding machine and molded in two stages, but the product is only molded once. This type of molding process, also known as dual material injection molding, is usually completed by a set of molds and requires a dedicated dual color injection molding machine. Sometimes several kinds of raw materials need to be used for two-color injection molding, and the raw materials need to be replaced. How to replace the raw materials for two-color Injection mold construction?


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When the equipment is shut down, it should be cleaned by closing the material gate, emptying the residual material, manually retracting the screw, and then injecting it into the air. Repeat the screw retraction and advancement several times, using a precision dual color mold until no residual material is removed. If it is a material with flame retardancy, it is necessary to first use non flame retardant materials, clean the material barrel, and then perform machine cleaning treatment.


If the above methods are ineffective, screw cleaning solution or kerosene should be used for cleaning. The procedure is as follows: clean the hopper and shoot off the remaining material; Mixing plastic from the washing machine with kerosene or cleaning solution; Try to lower the temperature of the material barrel than the actual forming temperature; The screw speed should be low to reduce back pressure and prevent friction heat from causing material temperature to rise; Increase the injection rate and pressure, and adjust the material quantity to 1 large; Slightly apply back pressure to prevent the melt from moving backwards; After the plastic color is cleaned, remember to restore the temperature, pressure, and material quantity to the dual color mold; If the material barrel has not been cleaned completely in this situation, remove the nozzle, clean the cylinder head of the material barrel, and if necessary, remove the screw for cleaning.


The process of changing colors during the injection molding process of dual color molds generally requires the following steps: closing the material gate; Empty several times and shoot out the material from the barrel (cleaning machine); Clean the hopper; Add white material and 1 usable crushed material; Shoot in the air until the color change is completed, or inject into the product and crush it for future use.

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