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About Sinkamold

Sinkamold was established in 2008, formerly known as Dongguan Jiapu Mould Co., Ltd. In May 2018, it changed its name to Dongguan Xingchuang Precision Mould Co., Ltd., which is a manufacturer of customized precision mould development, design, manufacturing and injection molding. At present, the factory covers an area of 2000 square meters and has an annual mold manufacturing capacity of around 200-300 sets. With many years of experience in export mold design/manufacturing, we use DME and HASCO standards for mold manufacturing according to customer requirements. The molds are mainly exported to Europe, America, and Japan. At the same time, we provide precision molds that meet the requirements for high-quality enterprises in Japan, Germany, the United States, Taiwan, and China that have factories in mainland China.

The company has advanced equipment and strong technology, and fully implements modern production models and management systems in management. Mold design, CNC machining programming, and injection molding process analysis all use international advanced software.

The company has an independent research and development design center, using advanced drawing software. Our dedicated design engineers communicate with customers according to the APQP process to understand the purpose, performance, and desired results of the product. We provide a preliminary design plan, confirm the preliminary design plan, and carry out 3D design to ensure the quality of mold design and save development costs, which is highly praised by customers!

Our injection molding department has over 20 injection molding machines, providing one-stop service to cooperate with customer mold injection molding. We have an independent quality inspection department, dedicated engineering and quality inspection personnel, and equipped with advanced production and testing equipment to ensure effective control of all processes from material preparation to delivery. We strictly introduce the ISO9001 quality management system.

Every member of the company will serve you wholeheartedly with a sincere attitude, rigorous design, craftsmanship, and a spirit of excellence! Welcome domestic and foreign merchants to negotiate cooperation and achieve mutual benefit and common development!

This is an enterprise that makes barbecue stoves in Europe and the United States. Stainless steel stoves need to be sandblasted and polished. Previously, Electropolishing was done. The cost is high and the effect is not good. Since the use of our plasma polishing equipment, the cost has decreased a lot and the product quality has improved a lot.

The company was established in 2008

According to customer requirements, use DME and HASCO standards for mold manufacturing


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